Fit Together Develops Workplace Toolkit for Employee Wellness


One of Fit Together’s newest projects is a Workplace Toolkit for Employee Wellness. The Toolkit was developed by steering committee member Brian Mattiello with assistance from Greg Brisco and was reviewed by all steering committee members. The purpose of the Toolkit is to encourage employers to consider the various ways that they can promote staff wellness, and to offer information and examples to assist employers in creating wellness programs.

The Toolkit includes:

I. Background
II. Fit Together’s Role in the Workplace
II. Why the Workplace?
IV. Wellness Program Overview
V. Steps to Wellness
VI. Wellness Tactics
VII. Medical Plan Options
VIII. What Area Employers Are Doing
IX. Worksite Wellness Materials and Resources
X. Local Supports – Contacts
Appendix A – Sample Survey

Fit Together was initially founded with workplace objectives to help businesses adopt new health eating and physical activity policies. This toolkit stems from those objectives and will provide employers with a concrete manual of options to help increase staff wellness and reduce health care costs. These costs have risen dramatically over the years: obesity and related chronic diseases alone cost employers up to $93 billion per year in health insurance claims. Wellness programs provide an effective means to reducing these costs and they also reduce sick days and disability for people with diabetes and obesity.

Employers have many options for improving employee wellness and reducing their health insurance costs: some provide access to free services, such as weight loss programs, on-site exercise facilities, gym memberships, smoking cessation programs, nutrition classes, flu shots and wellness education. Others provide financial incentives for employees to participate by reducing health insurance premiums or deductibles, making contributions to participants’ health savings accounts or offering gift cards, cash or merchandise.

Though the Toolkit has a target audience of employers from larger organizations and businesses, it can be adapted to suit the needs of smaller workplaces as well. Employers from all sized workplaces can make simple changes to promote healthier work environments, such as posting health information in break and lunch rooms or planning a nutrition education class for employees.

If you are interested in learning more about the Workplace Toolkit, you can contact any of the Steering Committee members. Fit Together has access to a useful tool called Community health Living Index (CHILI) and a sample survey to further assist you with your staff wellness program development.  For more specific inquiries, you may contact the following:

Education Materials and Resources

  • Leslie Polito, Torrington Area Health District
  • or 860-489-0436 ext. 313

Fit Together and CHILI Assessment

  • Greg Brisco, NWCT YMCA
  • or 860-489-3133

Promotional Materials

  • Brian Mattiello, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
  • or 860-496-6789


  • Brian Mattiello, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital
  • or 860-496-6789