For Early Childcare and Preschool Programs

How to Implement 5-2-1-0 Strategies in Your Childcare Center/Preschool:

5210 Strategies and Levels of Recognition: lists the five priority strategies from Let’s Go! 5210, links you to the complete list of ten strategies for success, and outlines the various levels of recognition (bronze, silver, gold). If you meet the requirements for one of these levels, we will list you on our website!

Resources for Newsletters and Parent Notices:

5-2-1-0 Pictures and Short Messages: choose from different logos and messages to add to your lunch menu every month or to letters home.

Healthy Celebrations: letter-to-parents modifiable template with healthy celebration and non-food celebration ideas.

Introduction of 5-2-1-0: letter-to-parents modifiable template that explains that your childcare center is partnering with the 5-2-1-0 initiative and what that means.

Examples of Wellness Policies with 5210 Strategies:

Education Connection Wellness Policy

Winsted Area Child Care Center Wellness Policy

These policies are from local childcare centers at the 5210 Gold Level. To find out how to get your childcare center to our Gold Recognition Level, scroll up and click on “5210 Strategies and Levels of Recognition.”

Let’s Go! 5210 Sample Policies: these sample policies reflect the minimum practices a child care program/preschool is expected to be following to be eligible for a level of recognition (see above).

Activity Ideas:

Non-Food Rewards

  • Alternatives to Food Rewards: ideas for elementary, middle, and high schools. From the Connecticut State Department of Education.
  • Constructive Classroom Rewards: comprehensive list of alternatives to food rewards from the Center for Science in the Public Interest.
  • Non-Food Rewards: Why does it matter and what can you do (more examples)? From the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.

Physical Activities

ABC For Fitness: Activity Bursts in the Classroom (ABC) shows schools how to restructure physical activity into multiple, brief episodes of activity throughout the day without taking away valuable time for classroom instruction. Fantastic teacher manual loaded with activity ideas is available for free!

ABC Movements: Structured movement ideas that follow the alphabet.

Healthy Moves from A-Z: practice movements using each letter of the alphabet.

Olympics Theme: incorporate fun themes into your lessons, such as the Olympics. Great way to learn new vocabulary (e.g.: to serve, to spike, to swing).*

Words in Motion: practice directional words, body parts, and get kids moving!*

Yoga for Kids: Cosmic Kids Yoga offers fun, free videos on YouTube for teachers to use. Many health benefits come with yoga. Additionally, there are poses that require individual control of the body and there are also poses that foster teamwork.

double dog

The kids at Education Connection love yoga. Here, they are doing a “double dog” pose.

Classroom Wall Projects (Great for Parental Involvement)

Wellness Wall Project: send home pictures and construction paper to have kids answer with their parents “Things I Do To Be Healthy…” and post them on a fun bulletin.*

IMG_1736 (1)      IMG_1737 (1)


Resources to Print 

Growing Healthy 5210 – English: 8.5 x 5.5 info sheet with an area to set 5210 goals on the front and tips to reach the goals on the back.


*Special thanks to Linda Miklos, Health Manager at Education Connection Head Start, for creating many of these resources.