For Doctors and General Practitioners

Would you like to be recognized as a 5-2-1-0 Practice? All you need to do is meet the basic criteria in the 5210 Healthcare Program Overview. If you meet these components, we will list you on our website under Community Partners!

How can we help you and your practice? Fit Together provides a free service to help you spread the 5-2-1-0 message to your patients. We can get you started by supplying your office with 5-2-1-0 materials. Check out our Menu of Services to see what we have to offer. If your office would like to print more of these materials, see the section below labelled “5-2-1-0 Office Materials.”

Staff Wellness: Ideas to launch a health challenge in your office. Get inspired by what other CT medical offices have done! Check it out: Staff Wellness Challenge.

5-2-1-0 Office Materials:

Healthy Habits Questionnaire: Many physicians have their patients fill out these questionnaires while they are in the waiting room.

Posters: Two poster options, both in color. Great for waiting and exam rooms.

Rx Postcard: The postcards have the 5210 message on them, Fit Together’s website with links to more resources, and, rather than a mailing side, they have a prescription side where you can write down goals with your patient to act as a written agreement for the next visit.

Stickers: pdf to order stickers or you can buy ready-made stickers here.

The Let’s Go! 5210 Store in Maine has many additional resources available to order on their website.

Resources for Patient Encounters:

Changing Behavior in 20 Minutes: Daniel O’Connell, PhD, Clinical Instructor, University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle. Tools clinicians can use to maximize influence: motivational interviewing; stages of change; social learning theory.

Online Weight Management Counseling for Healthcare Providers: The OWCH training program was developed by Dr. David L. Katz and colleagues at the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. The OWCH offers four training modules approved for CME credit by Yale University’s Continuing Medical Education Department.