ASSESSMENT– Responsible for developing, collecting, and analyzing data to guide plan development.


To improve community collaboration and assessment capacity:

  • Create new collaborations- share expertise, resources & coordinate efforts.
  • Collaborate efforts/ funds to conduct community-wide assessments.

CAP: Community Action Plan

Statewide Pioneering Healthy Communities, PHC, is focused on revolutionizing community health by promoting policy, systems, and environmental changes that create sustainable opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.  This module ultimately affects health outcomes associated with childhood obesity.

In 2011 Fit Together began working on the Torrington Community’s CAP (Community Action Plan). They utilized existing community date and/or CHLI assessments, used CHLI core elements relevant to community, focused on sustainable policy, systems, and environmental changes, considered underserved populations, and where applicable, integrated with YMCA State Alliance work.   CAP Section completion dates were established, including objectives, PSE strategy plans, and forms of measurement to be completed by spring 2012. While some of the desired outcomes have been attained,  the CAP is an on-going work in progress evolving as the needs of the community change. Torrington CT CAP Update Aug 2013

Community Healthy Living Index (CHLI): a set of tools to assess the extent that policies, systems and environment support healthy living in the places where people live, work, learn and play. Tools are comprised of assessments and accompanying discussion and improvement planning guides. Communities use these tools to discover strengths, identify needs, plan for action to build a healthier community.

County-Wide Health Equity Index Assessment:

Fit Together of Litchfield County produced the first -ever countywide Health Needs Assesment in 2012.  It was produced by the Center for Healthy Schools and Communities at Educaton Connection, and funded by the Community Transformation Grant, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, United Way of NWCT, and the YMCA (PHC Grant). Results were compiled in September 2012.

The Needs Assesment was the first step in developing a community health improvement plan with additional detailed plans for Torrington, Winsted, Plymouth and New Milford areas, and the northwest corner of the county.  These plans used the data from the needs assesment as well as local surveys about health needs and concerns.  As a result, Fit Together wil be providing support to school systems looking to develop comprehensive wellness policies; assistance to businesses and towns interested in adopting tobacco-free policies, and establishing a pilot project for a self-monitoring blood-pressure program.


Beginning in November  2012, Fit Together Torrington/Winsted participated with Litchfield County Fit Together to complete the CDC’s CHANGE Tool (Community Health Assesment aNd Group Evaluation).  Steering committee leads organized local community health teams in 5 geographic areas: New Milford, Northwest Corner, Plymouth, Torrington, and Winchester.  These teams collected data for the five different CHANGE sectors (Community-At-Large, Community Institutions/Organizations, Health Care, Schools, and Work Sites.)  This geographic span provided a countywide perspective of assets, needs and strategies that were most important and easiest to implement in each community. The CHANGE Tool process was completed in the spring 2013.

Fit Together Torrington/Winsted will continue to work with local coalitions to develop, implement, and sustain policies, systems, and environments, practices and programs that make the healthy choice the easy choice in our communities.


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